2024 Prince Edward Island Lottery Labor Selection: Predictions and Statistics

2024 Prince Edward Island Lottery Labor Selection: Predictions and Statistics

2024 Prince Edward Island Lottery Labor Selection: Predictions and Statistics

On February 29, 2024, in the latest Prince Edward Island (PEI) lottery, invitations were issued to 24 candidates who applied for Express Entry programs. People who had work experience in the healthcare and construction sectors were selected as the volunteers to be invited. But in this lottery, no invitation for entrepreneurship was issued.

In 2024, Prince Edward Island (PEI) held a lottery for its immigration programs for the fourth time this year. PEI is the only Canadian province that publicly announces lotteries before they take place. In 2024, a further 23 draws are expected to be conducted as part of the Prince Edward Island provincial program. In 2023, 2120 invitations were issued in 22 draws. We hope that this trend will continue in 2024.

If you are invited to Prince Edward Island, you will be sent a notification containing your case number and instructions for submitting a completed application to Prince Edward Island. This notification will be sent to your user account or profile in the Express Entry system.

The table below shows the predictions for the workforce selection in 2024 and the number selected last year:

Job category participating in the Express Entry system for the Prince Edward PNP program Example The number of selected in 2023 Prediction of how many will be selected in 2024
Healthcare Dentist, general and family doctor, massage therapist, nurse, optometrist, physiotherapist, veterinarian and… 210 300
construction Contractor and supervisor in various construction jobs, repairman and… 80 185
Production and processing Cement processing supervisor, glass cutting supervisor, senior chemical processing technician and… 380 435
Professional Services Developer and programmer of computer systems, electrical engineer, web designer and… 85 85
Freight and transportation Truck driver, pilot, bus company manager and… 170 170
Sales and service Service sales representative, export company sales representative and… 855 215
Traditional jobs Forester, gardener, fishing and… 105 120
Education Kindergarten teacher, babysitter, preschool teacher, etc. 55 80

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