Canada invests $1.8 billion in artificial intelligence development

Canada invests $1.8 billion in artificial intelligence development

Canada invests $1.8 billion in artificial intelligence development

Canada has announced a $1.8 billion investment to bolster the artificial intelligence industry and enhance the development of safe AI systems. This investment includes the creation of necessary infrastructure within the country.

Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has declared a $2.4 billion Canadian package (equivalent to $1.8 billion USD) for investment in the field of artificial intelligence. This budget comprises $2 billion for the development of computational capabilities and technical infrastructure essential for speeding up the activities of researchers, startups, and companies active in the field of artificial intelligence.

The other part of this budget will be allocated to upgrading the use of artificial intelligence in industries such as agriculture and healthcare. This investment assists Canadian citizens, particularly the youth, in fully harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence, achieving high-income careers, and simultaneously enhancing their productivity to contribute to the economic growth of their country.

Canada is becoming increasingly serious in its competition with other countries in the global artificial intelligence arena.

Canada invests $1.8 billion in artificial intelligence development

Benjamin Bergen, the head of Canada’s Council of Innovators, has stated that his group requires further clarification on how companies can benefit from the computational capabilities and infrastructure provided. He added, “If this program provides Canadian companies with the resources needed to compete in the global market, this news is a positive step towards progress.”

The Prime Minister of Canada made this announcement in Montreal, one of the main centers of artificial intelligence in the country. This city has made significant advances in basic research, with some of these advancements attributed to the presence of Yoshua Bengio, a renowned artificial intelligence researcher.

Bengio has added his comments, expressing concerns shared by many artificial intelligence researchers about the trajectory of the technology’s progress. He welcomes the government’s plan to establish an AI safety institute and states that Canada is on the right path with this decision.

However, Canada has yet to draft and approve laws to manage the artificial intelligence space.

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