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About the institution

Parmida Immigration Institute, as a law firm and immigration company with a brilliant history in Canada, is ready to provide the services of the best immigration office. Years of experience in the field of immigration enables us to provide quality services to applicants for work and study abroad.

Cooperation with official lawyers of Canada

Parmida Immigration Institute collaborates closely with certified Canadian lawyers to offer expert advice on immigration matters.

A brilliant and long history

Parmida Immigration Institute with more than 15 years of experience will create a unique experience for you.

Valid international licenses

Rule of law and legitimate legal activity based on the official licenses of each country is an inseparable part of Parmida Institute's work processes

More than One hundred successful cases per year

Our expert experts and experienced team have the pride of the highest volume of successful immigration cases in their resume

Why Parmida Institute?

At Parmida, we are proud to operate as an accredited immigration agency. As an accredited immigration agency, we have special features that guarantee you success in obtaining visas and admissions to prestigious universities.

Our experienced and strong support team makes the migration process easy for you by using intelligent studies and reviews. We provide you with the necessary guidance to obtain admission to the best universities in the world or to invest in profitable countries. Our goal is that you can experience significant success in your immigration journey.

Immigration to the following countries:

We are with you all the way

Our institute can offer you immigration services in the following and similar ways.


Canada is one of the most popular immigration destinations in the world, with more than 166,000 Iranians in its population. low unemployment rate, high social welfare and ease of obtaining citizenship; This is only part of the reason for its popularity.

LMIA approval

Labor market effectiveness assessment (LMIA) is a confirmation that an employer needs when hiring foreign workers. This approval is from the Canadian Labor Department, which allows the employer to hire workers.

tourist visa

Canadian tourist visa or Visitor Visa, which is divided under the Temporary Resident Visa or TRV group, is one of the types of Canadian visa that the holder can enter this country depending on the type of tourist visa (Multi Canada, Canadian Super Visa) and each time up to Stay in Canada for a certain period of time.

Business immigration

Business immigrants are people who either invest in Canada or start a new business. Applicants of this method first receive a temporary work permit and according to the relevant provincial laws, after creating employment in Canada, they receive permanent residence in this country.

work permit

A Canadian work visa is a type of permit that allows a person to work in Canada. This license is called a work permit. This permit does not mean permission to enter Canada. If someone is from a country that requires a visa to travel to Canada, they must obtain a visa and a work permit in order to be able to work in Canada.

Parmida Immigration Institute team

Consisting of the most expert lawyers and activists in the field of immigration

Sepehr Naghavi

Programmer and management of a team of internet website designers

Hedieh Tajik

Senior expert and official member of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Counselors of Canada (CICC)

Ruqiya Sharifi

Reporter and social media manager and active in digital marketing

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