Examining CRS score change after receiving an invitation: A look at the conditions

Examining CRS score change after receiving an invitation: A look at the conditions

Examining CRS score change after receiving an invitation: A look at the conditions

Individuals participating in Canada’s Express Entry program who, after receiving an invitation for permanent residence, change their Comprehensive Rating System (CRS) score have two options: either decline their invitation or continue their application for permanent residence. PR) to send.

In Canada’s Express Entry system, which handles applications for immigration to this country from three different economy class programs, the only way to file an application for Canadian residency is through the Immigration Canada (IRCC).

In the Express Entry system, when a person participates in the Federal Skilled Worker (FSWP), Canadian Experience (CEC) and Federal Skilled Trade (FSTP) programs and receives their Immigrant Invitation of Employment (ITA), their status changes from “candidate” to “Applicant” changes. Then, Immigration Canada gives him 60 days to submit his application for permanent residence in Canada.

Sometimes, complicated situations arise for people who have received an immigration invitation from Immigration Canada. These conditions can have positive or negative effects. One of these conditions is the changes in the CRS score of the applicants.

In this case, the Canadian Immigration Service declares that: “If a candidate discovers that his conditions have changed or that the Express Entry profile information on which he received an invitation has changed, he has two options…”

Before proceeding with any of these options, Immigration Canada warns candidates to re-check and calculate their CRS score, which reflects changes in their circumstances!

If you are one of the people who changed your conditions in Express Entry and you are sure that these changes will negatively affect your CRS score, you can decline your invitation or ITA. Rejecting an ITA is the only way you can correct the information in your Express Entry profile. Negative changes may limit the conditions for entry into the immigration program of your choice.

If you are one of the people whose circumstances have changed and do not want to reject your invitation, you can continue to register your application for permanent residence. However, you must remember that you are responsible for your situation and circumstances! This means that you must be responsible for correcting your information in the Express Entry profile and updating any changes that have occurred in your circumstances before submitting your permanent residence application.

An applicant’s CRS score may be increased if:

1. University graduation: If the applicant has a university graduation in Canada, his CRS score may increase.
2. Gain more work experience: If the applicant gains one year more work experience in Canada, his CRS score may increase.
3. Obtaining Certificate of Qualification: If the applicant obtains a certificate of qualification related to his job, his CRS score may increase.
4. Improving language score: If the applicant improves his language score, his CRS score may increase.

An applicant’s CRS score may be reduced if:

1. Obtaining a lower score in the language test: If the applicant obtains a lower score by participating in the new language test, his CRS score may be reduced.
2. Losing a job offer: If an applicant loses a job offer, his CRS score may decrease.

In addition, if the applicant gets married, her(his) CRS score may decrease or increase, depending on her(his) spouse’s circumstances and other important factors.

Note: One change for which applicants will not be penalized is if their date of birth is after receiving the Invitation Letter (ITA). In this situation, they will not lose age points! Although age is an important factor in the human capital section of the applicant’s CRS score calculation, Immigration Canada (IRCC) offers an exemption that prevents ITA recipients from losing their CRS score in this case.

When you decline your Express Entry Invitation (ITA), your status changes back from “Applicant” to “Candidate.” In this case, your profile will return to the Express Entry pool and will remain active as long as your profile remains valid. Once your profile is back in the candidate pool, you can update your profile information and check for a new invitation to Express Entry draws.

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