Immigration Categories Canada

Subject to change


Canada Investor Program:


No. Program Asset Investment Processing Time
1. Federal Investor On July 1, 2012, CIC temporarily stopped accepting applications for the federal Investor program . This pause on new applications will continue until further notice.Legal fee will be determined based on new regulation/s upon program is opened.
  Federal Entrepreneur On July 1, 2011, CIC temporarily stopped accepting new applications for the federal Entrepreneur program. This temporary pause in accepting new applications will continue until further notice. Legal fee will be determined based on new regulation/s upon program is opened.
2. Quebec business CSQInvestors, Entrepreneurs, Self-employed $1,600,000 $180,000No Refund 12 – 18 month to be interviewed40 month by Ankara visa office
3. Prince Edward IslandPEI  PNPPaused until June 01, 2014 $600,000 $150,000Refundable:$25,000 after 6 month of residency

$25,000 after 1 year of residency

$100,000 after meeting the business condition

6-12 Month to be interviewed6-12 month by Ankara visa Office
4. New BrunswickNB PNP 300,000 $75,000Refundableonce applicant provides proof of minimum $125,000 CAD business investment has been made within required time 6-12 Month to be interviewed48  month by Ankara visa Office
5. SaskatchewanSINP 300,000 $75,000Refundableonce applicant provides proof of minimum $125,000 CAD business investment has been made within required time


6-12 Month to be interviewed48  month by Ankara visa OfficeApplicant and family members may come to Canada with Work Permit meanwhile
6. Other PNPs To be discussed if the applicant is not eligible and / or interested in any of the above programs


International Investors Program

Subject to change

Investor Program*
No. Program Asset Investment Processing Time
1. EB5 – USA $500,000For 5 yearsRefundable

Half after 2.5 year

Half after 5 years

Or after 5 years in total

6-12 month
2. EU – Portugal Golden Visa Program *Note Purchase of real estate property with a value equal to or above 500 thousand Euros 6-12 month
*Note: This program offers many benefits to investors, such as:-Fast Government processing;-Visa-free travel to the 26 Schengen countries in Europe;

-Minimal residency requirement (1 week per year);

-No net worth requirement, no minimum education level, no source of funds requirement, no language requirement, no management experience requirement, and no interview;

-All foreign nationals may apply (no restriction on nationalities); and

-Applicants may apply for citizenship after 6 years of residency.


3. EU – Cyprus Investment Residency Program  The Cyprus program welcomes all nationalities, including Iranians. Applicants must purchase a personal residence in Cyprus for minimum EU 300,000; 1-2 month
4. Commonwealth of Dominica – Economic Citizenship Program 



  1. US 100,000 Single US 100,000 Single Applicant
  2. US 175,000 Family Application One (main applicant and spouse)
  3. US 200,000 Family Application Two (main applicant, spouse and two children under 18 years)


3 month
*Note: Dominica offers very fast visa processing, with the possibility of interviews in Dubai (for an additional fee to cover the Government employees’ travel costs).  Iranian applicants are welcomed under this program.  Also, the European Commission is in the final stages of granting visa-free travel to citizens of Dominica.
5. St. Kitts – Citizenship by Investment Program  *Note 1 *Note2 3-6 month
*Note 1: The St. Kitts program offers visa-free travel to the European Union, and allows dependents to be included up to age 25.  Applicants may invest in either a Government fund, or a piece of real estate.
*Note2: To qualify for citizenship under the real estate option, the Government requires a minimum of USD 400,000 investment in approved real estate project e.g “Kittitian hill”, plus payment of necessary fee and charges. You can buy villas or apartments or luxury condos, provided you satisfy the minimum investment. The real estate is very expensive, but it is a recoverable investment after 5 years.

Express Entry- Skilled Worker Programs:

No. Program Qualification Processing Time
1. FederalFSW Education-Age-Language-Relative-Work 12-24 Month
2. QuebecQSW Education-Age-Language-Relative-Work 12-24 Month
3. PNP Education-Age-Language-Relative-Work 12-24 Month





Temporary Resident Visas:

No. Program Processing fee VAC* Fee  Biometric** Fee Processing Time
1. TRVVisitor $100 $60-$100 $85 1-3month
2. Study Permit/Visa $150 $60-$100 $85 1-3month
3. Work Permit/Visa $150 $60-$100 $85 6-12 Month
4. LMO Job Offer & Visa $150 + $100 $60-$100 $85 6-12 Month
*Visa Application Center in the place of residence of the applicant or the responsible country for the application- Turkey for Iranian applicants** Fingerprints must be done in person, at the Visa Application Center, for applicants between the ages of 14 to 80***Legal fee does not include disbursements. Applicant is responsible to pay for immigration, visa, mailing fee and other disbursement.